Walk & Run for Pedro – Turn the Map Green

Meet Pedro! Pedro is a Yellow Warbler – he’s also a frequent flyer. He often travels with his friend Luis, and each year, along with thousands of other Yellow Warblers, they make the 4,000 km trek to South America and back to Canada. Pedro and Luis often travel through rare.

Their secret travel plans were revealed by volunteer bird banders at rare – he and Luis were banded and recaptured on the rare property three years in a row. We like to think they keep coming back to rare because of our wetlands, access to the river and wooded areas. It’s easy to find a feast of insects here – not all birds eat seeds from backyard feeders.

We’re sure over the years they have sat in rare’s willow trees with friends watching raptors soar overhead searching for food and Bobolinks hanging out in restored meadows, and listening to the sweet sound of other songbirds. Pedro has grown proud as a symbol of the important rarities and wonders that are a part of the 900+ acres he frequents.

But he needs your help – rare needs your help. Without protection, Pedro’s favourite place is in danger of succumbing to the pressures of an increasing population – invasive species, pollution and deforestation put Pedro and all the species that call rare home at risk of simply disappearing. You can help Turn the Map Green for Pedro.

This year, the annual Walk & Run for rare on Sunday, September 25, will focus on raising funds and awareness for our Turn the Map Green campaign. For just $2 a square meter you can symbolically adopt your favourite part of rare and ensure the protection of Pedro and the more than 3,300 different species that call rare home for not just your lifetime, but for future generations.

Join us by registering online to be a part of one of five teams that represent a part of the property that needs help turning green. Bring your friends, family, co-workers – all are welcome and it’s FREE to join. We just ask that you help us raise funds and spread the word.

To help Turn the Map Green for Pedro you can join the For the Birds team and join others raising funds and awareness for the rare ECO Centre.

Can’t make it on the day but still want to help? Why not sponsor someone who is participating? Or donate to a team that represents your favourite part of rare, like Pedro. The best part is, every $2 donated saves another square meter, and you get a certificate outlining the details of your symbolic adoption!

Check out this awesome video of Pedro’s appeal by Blue Lizard Productions – help Turn the Map Green!

By: Erika Kastner, rare’s Development & Communications Officer


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