A rare Home

A strong, grassroots community is integral to rare; for creating awareness, raising much needed funds, obtaining valuable volunteer support and it is at the heart of engagement organizing. This year rare is taking this passion for grassroots community to the streets! With generous support from The Gosling Foundation, who believes in people power and that a strong community is the power behind environmental charities, we were able to recruit three enthusiastic young people to help spread the rare love as our Engagement Organizer team. Armen, Tamanna and Laura will be exploring the region, talking to community members, encouraging individuals to take the pledge to be a raresites Ranger in support of conservation in Waterloo Region thereby supporting our growing land trust for Waterloo Region/Wellington County and helping to “Turn the Map Green”. Meet our Engagement Organizers:

A rare Home

My name is Armen Poladian, the Engagement Organizer Supervisor here at the rare Charitable Research Reserve.

I attended the University of Waterloo where I earned my Bachelor of Environmental Studies. I have a deep passion and dedication for the environment, and do my best to lead a sustainable lifestyle.


My perspective illustrates the environment as home; the home to humans, animals, plants, and all species that live together in an interdisciplinary system. I was raised with the value that a home is a treasured place, and that one should protect, clean, respect, and care for their home. That being said, if our environment is our home, we should all strive for a sustainable future. I strongly encourage the ideology that we should leave this planet in a better state than how we found it. As we do this, we are sustaining a bright future for our children’s children and future generations.

Being of Armenian ethnicity, I recently planned and hosted a 25th birthday fundraiser for myself with all the proceeds being donated to the Armenia Tree Project (ATP). The ATP, a non-profit program based in Woburn Massachusetts and Yerevan Armenia, conducts vitally important environmental projects in Armenia’s cities and villages and seeks support in advancing its reforestation mission. For the improvement of environmental sustainability and the health of my motherland (i.e. my home), I was proud to have the honour to donate to this worthy charity.


With rare’s educational work involving children & youth, and its growing reputation as an international environmental institute, perhaps future initiatives to collaborate with other organizations (such as the Armenia Tree Project) will be a possibility.

I joined the team here at rare because of my value of home and how it contributes to belonging in this region. We have a passion of protecting the 24 habitats and over 3,300 species that call our 900+ acres of land home. There are many projects at rare that promote sustainability — one that I’m particularly proud of is rare’s partnership with local food banks, including the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank, where we harvest fresh, organic produce at our Springbank Community Gardens and donate it to those in our community that need it most.

By channeling my interests through this organization, I am very proud to be a part of the passionate team here. Through our efforts and yours, I believe we can pave a bright road towards a sustainable future together.


by Armen Poladian, B.E.S.

Feature Image by: J. Moser & J. Dillon

All other photos credited: A. Poladian



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