Thank You For Giving

Happy National Philanthropy Day! This day celebrates the great contributions that positively impact community and make a difference for the future. Today is all about the importance of giving, volunteerism and engagement. At rare it is a celebration of everything our donors, volunteers and partners do to support the land and the species that call rare home.

Are you wondering what a philanthropist is? Or what contribution merits this distinction? Philanthropists are people who care and who are giving back — it’s that simple! They can be found at all giving levels, of all ages, and in any capacity.

Photo of Bailey (general)
Photo courtesy of Bailey Schneider.

Bailey Schneider is a rare monthly donor who joined the Bedrock Club as a way to consistently give back to the organization she formed personal connection with, as a young student. Bailey said, “When I was at the University of Waterloo, rare gave me the opportunity to do a co-op, helping me through school while exploring what I wanted to do for a career. At the same time, I was not only growing in my career but being hands-on, giving back to our community and our environment at the same time.” Bailey saw how rare works from the inside, witnessing exactly how dollars are spent at the organization and how the work is done. “Now that my career has taken me into the private sector, I wanted to find a way to continue giving back. I chose rare as a way to do this because I know my donations will be going towards an organization that shares the same values as me, putting money towards building a better community, protecting the environment, and providing a livelihood to their dedicated employees. I know that at rare my donations are going towards the right things.”

2016.07.07 Rob Unruh Volunteer (4)
Photo courtesy of Rob Unruh.

Rob Unruh, a long-term donor and a consistent volunteer, encompasses exactly what a philanthropist is. Rob has shown he cares about rare for many years and finds different ways to contribute. Rob shared, “Giving back to causes I care about has been important to me for a long time. My parents instilled in me at a young age the value of donating to charities. The rare Charitable Research Reserve struck me as unique among environmental charities. It provided an opportunity to protect a large area of wild space in a densely populated region that otherwise would have been lost to development. I wanted to be a part of this, so I started making annual donations to secure and protect more land for native wildlife, and educating young and old on the value of nature. I also volunteer as a member of the 10-year bird monitoring program as a way of becoming more directly involved. Both donating and volunteering have greatly enriched my life. I find it brings far more happiness to my life than buying the latest gadget. I will continue to support and enjoy watching rare grow for many years to come.”


Diane Williamson is a donor who has made it her long-term goal to contribute to rare through planned giving. Planned giving is also referred to as gift planning or legacy giving. Diane said, “When considering how to leave a legacy, I chose rare because I feel so very fortunate to have a world-class research, education and conservation facility in my community. I believe that a connection with nature is critical to human well-being, and the preservation of lands and species also works to protect the human race.  The work being done at rare is so very important to both current and future generations.”

Thank you to these three philanthropists, and to all of you who give back in so many ways. Everyone who contributes and finds a way to give back — whether in dollars or in time — is a philanthropist.

Today marks the unofficial start of the giving season. Keep an eye out for exciting ways to give back throughout the next few weeks – including our online auction, symbolic species adoption, and a matching donation opportunity.

For more information on how to get involved and give back at rare, please reach out — or 519-650-9336 x 126.

By: Laura Klein, rare Gosling Engagement Coordinator

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