Every Child Outdoor: Liam’s Story

Liam learned about the natural world by being right in it. In nature, he truly lights up.

As a young person who struggled with conventional learning in a classroom setting, Liam wasn’t thriving at reading, writing and math.

But then he found rare.

At rare, a very young Liam found his first salamander – an often out-of-sight species that many don’t even know to look for. It was love at first sight when he made that discovery.

Since then, Liam has been returning to rare every chance he gets. Liam attends ECO Camp, hikes on the weekends, and now volunteers his time. Every summer, he frequently spots species that can elude skilled naturalists, such as the smooth green snake and praying mantis.

“It is when I spend time in nature and have the opportunity to learn about our natural environment that I am the most happy. The rare Charitable Research Reserve is important to me because it is protecting all the things I love most in this world.”


Help us continue to connect scientists, naturalists and Indigenous knowledge keepers with youth in the community. Help us to continue to combine knowledges and inquiry in sciences and arts as we build more inclusive and creative educational models. Help us to continue to protect the land that is home to Liam’s favourite species.

On Giving Tuesday, this December 3, your gift will ensure that rare is able to give more children the chance to benefit from all that nature has to offer.


A donation of $10 will provide art supplies for ECO Camp 2020.

A donation of $50 will help replace broken butterfly nets for spring 2020 programming.

A donation of $100 will provide new magnifying glasses for studying even the smallest critters this spring.

The best part about donating to rare’s Every Child Outdoors programming  today is that all donations are being matched, up to a maximum of $5,000, by a generous donor.

Every dollar given today has double the impact for our youth and our future. Give now for Liam and all children who need nature in their lives.


By: Laura Klein, rare Gosling Engagement Coordinator

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