Thank You, TMMC!

We are very pleased to announce that TMMC has partnered with us through our new sponsorship model. Instead of focusing on funds and branding, starting with @TMMC, we look forward to working with our sponsors more directly, tailoring their contributions in ways that are particularly meaningful to each corporation and their employees. TMMC is sponsoring new signage along rare’s trails in Blair and have also named a full-time position at rare’s Springbank Farm – the TMMC Food Bank Gardens, Seed, & Land Steward. TMMC has a long history of community support, and we are very grateful to be working with them on making our community more resilient to future environmental threats.

“Toyota’s 2050 Environmental Challenge consists of a set of six visionary targets that create a net positive impact on the planet and society. One of those is the prevention of biodiversity loss.  Working with partners like rare is one way that TMMC supports the protection and education of the important biodiverse areas in our community.”

– Derek Kidnie, VP, Administration

Examples of what rare is providing to TMMC include dedicated educational programming for employees’ children as well as helping to create a self-guided hike through their corporate green space in Cambridge to highlight some of the key flora features and their importance to biodiversity.

If you’d like to know more about this new sponsorship model and how @raresites can work with your corporation, please contact Christine Thompson at

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